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About Us

Our facility is a modern active adult daycare community for the elderly who are able to live at home but may need some of the special healthcare services that we provide. Our facility currently services up to 120 individuals and is open currently for one shift from 8 a.m to 1 p.m Monday through Friday.

We provide transportation to and from the facility as well as any medical or necessary appointments. We provide breakfast and lunch as well as many activities such as yoga, bingo(great prizes), karaoke and arts and crafts throughout their visit.

Our DON monitors each client based on their individual needs. In addition, our highly qualified staff is dedicated to facilitating optimum independence while valuing human dignity and seeking to enhance the quality of life for all involved.

For questions, inquiries or for more information, kindly call us at 862-239-1831. You can also leave us a message through our online “Contact Us” form. We look forward to seeing you!

Services We Offer

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We offer enriching activities, such as painting, ceramics, wood crafts and others, that improve hand-eye coordination, provide outlets for creative expression and build self-esteem. By engaging in word puzzles, reminiscing exercises and discussions of subjects like art, history, music and current events, members receive cognitive stimulation that enhances mental acuity and memory function.

Breakfast &

The meals served have the nutritions needed as a routine part of our day care program. In addition to nutritious low fat, low sodium hot meals that comply with physicians' orders, participants have access to a dietitian consultant and receive a take-home snack daily.


General medical care is provided under the direction of the center's medical ​director. On site services include podiatry services, dental care, speech therapy, and occupational therapy all handled through outside providers.


Monitoring of vitals (blood pressure, glucose,etc..), monitoring and dispensing of medications,assistance with walking, eating, toileting, etc. and other basic nursing services are provided to the attendees on a routine basis.


Assistance with medical and social issues is provided on-site; when appropriate referrals are also made to other, outside social agencies.

Personal Care

Services such as an in-house beauty parlor and personal hygiene education are routine.


In addition to excercise and dancing programs available to all participants, specialized physical therapy programs are offered on an as-needed basis by outside providers.


Transportation is provided at no charge to and from the center. While attending the day care center, free transportation is also provided to other physician and health care related appointments.

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397 Haledon Ave, Haledon, NJ 07508